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How it all started.

From the beginning.

Starting this blog to really put down on "paper" my journey as a makeup artist. This will hopefully help you learn from what I've been through and my experiences.

From the beginning...

I started in a small town in Michigan not wearing makeup at all {until I reached about 20 years old}. I didn't have the first clue about makeup, I had a controlling boyfriend that told me I couldn't wear makeup and being young I listened.

Fast forward to after the break-up...

I'm in college and I started to gain that curiosity about makeup. Everyone is wearing it because YouTube was just created and people were making videos about makeup. The beauty industry was really starting to take off. It started with curiosity and blossomed into a passion!

I was married but not happily and found a freedom in makeup that I never knew. So I would sit in my room dedicated to my makeup by myself and would just start playing with the colors. I looked at my makeup as art. My makeup was awful, my best friend would tell you, but I was eventually starting to do makeup on my friends when I got good enough for them to start asking.

Fast forward a few years...

Like I said, my makeup wasn't that great but putting in work everyday really paid off because my friends and family started asking me to do their makeup for special events or even ask for some tips and tricks. That's when the compliments started flowing freely and I started to gain my confidence. My best friend {who is an entrepreneur} asked if I ever thought about making money and creating a business out of this {same best friend that would tell you my makeup used to look awful}. That is when I took my passion and turned it into something bigger, something with a purpose. I didn't have the confidence to put myself out there just yet, I knew my family and friends loved how I did my makeup but strangers is a whole different thing! Gaining confidence gradually, I decided to put up my first advert on Facebook. Now, it wasn't my first post that got me a gig but it was the biggest step! I started creating beautiful adverts and posting them all the time until finally I got my first wedding! I was so scared, I won't lie! I remember thinking that this is a complete stranger and they want me {a complete stranger} to do their makeup... they are trusting me to do an amazing job on their biggest day! Needless to say, everything turned out amazing and everyone loved their makeup! My business grew from there and here we are today, 3 years later and just had the best year this last year in my business!

I'm still not perfect and still learning things along the way on how to run a business but I know the first step is having the confidence to put yourself out there! We all struggle with that, I still do. But to continue to be in the game {as my best friend calls it} is the best thing you can do for people to find you. If people don't know you exist, then your business simply doesn't exist.

I hope you follow your dreams like I did because it'll always take you somewhere...

Much love,

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