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Life of a Traveling Makeup Artist.

What it takes to be a traveling Makeup Artist.

For my first post I thought I would give you guys a little inside look of behind-the-scenes... what it takes to be a traveling makeup artist!

Late nights to make sure you have everything you need for the next morning,

wake up super early {start time about 5 or 6am},

get your kit around,

get yourself around {hair and makeup},

make sure you leave 10 min earlier than you need to - grab a coffee to stay awake,

triple check you know where you’re going,

show up on time and stand for the next 6 hours doing what you love,

finally grab some food to eat {haven't ate since coffee},

hurry to your next gig {if you got one},


Just when you think your day is done,

You still have to...

Go home and think about taking a nap but ain’t got time for that,

you have to make sure you advertise your business,

send some emails and contact people,

put your work on social media for the world to look at and try get more gigs.

I’m sure there’s things I’m missing because the work never stops.

All hard work but I love it!

Much love,

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