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Top 5 things to do on the big day for brides...


1. Make sure you have a clean face

The best canvas for your makeup artist to work on is a blank one. Make sure you and your ladies have a nice relaxing spa morning! Don't use any brand new products, just in case you have an allergic reaction, but make sure to exfoliate and moisturize!

2. Have some pictures of the makeup you want

If by chance you weren't able to have a trial done before the big day or you did and want to switch a few things up last minute, make sure you have your pictures! As the bride, we want you to feel comfortable with your makeup look! We don't want to wing it and you end up not loving it!

3. Don't wait for you to be the last one in the chair

Have a loose line up of who is going at what time and we don't want the bride going last ever! If for some reason hair and makeup is running behind, we don't want to have to rush but especially on the bride! We know you want your makeup looking the freshest, but going second to last is best!

4. Make sure you have your touch-up kit

Unfortunately us makeup artists can't stay with you all night to reapply lipstick or touch up powder

after you tear up at the alter. So make sure to get you a touch-up kit from your artist or put one together the night before!

5. Unplug

We know people are going to want to ask you questions, but have your maid of honor take your calls and handle some things. Your experience will be much more stress free and you'll be able to enjoy the morning!

Much love,

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