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Top 5 tips and tricks for Makeup with glasses

Glasses makeup here we come!

I've had bad vision my whole life and there came a time when I couldn't wear contacts, I had to wear my glasses for a year! Still wanted to wear makeup I found it difficult to put makeup on and struggled with it a lot...

So here's some tips and tricks I've learned along the way!!

1. Get you a mirror that you can see close up {if you need it}.

-I have a hard time seeing far away,

this really helped me get in those had to reach places.

2. Travel sized makeup brushes are your best friend!

-Having a short handled brush is your best kept secret.

It helps you to be able to get your makeup brush in between your eye and the mirror.

3. Dark colors may not be your friend.

-If you're like me and your glasses make your eyes look smaller then they are,

Then try to stay away from the darker colors,

They will make your eyes look even smaller!

4. PLEASE shape and fill in your brows!

-You don't need to Kim Kardashian-West your brows,

But filling in your brows help shape your glasses making your glasses look better and

Bring the whole glasses makeup look together!

5. Correct and conceal those dark circles.

-I have major dark circles under my eyes,

We want everything under the glasses to appear bright so our eyes stand out!

Correcting and concealing will brighten up the eyes and not make them look so dark or small.

Hope you found this tips and tricks helpful like they helped me!

Much love,

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