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One of the things I get asked the most being a makeup artist is, what products do you use in your kit? Do you use just one brand or many? How do you choose what goes in your kit?

Here are the answers you've all been searching for!

1. What products do I use in my kit and do I use just one brand?

I use a bunch of different brands in my kit. Anywhere from high-end like Makeup Forever, to what they now call drugstore like NYX. There are somethings that brands get totally right and other things they miss the mark for me. Some high end brands are too overpriced for what you are getting and that's where I find the drugstore!

Why spend too much money on something like an eyebrow pencil when there are so many drugstore brands that make the same exact thing for less?! Crazy right? Then there are things that drugstore brands just aren't able to replicate due to cost, they are drugstore because they want to sell their makeup for a lesser price and that means you can't always have the most expensive ingredients... don't take that the wrong way, it just is what it is. I have nothing against drugstore brands because I use them and I love them. For example, NYX eyebrow pencils are what I use in my kit but some of their makeup just doesn't work for me, but that's just me! What doesn't work for me, works for someone else. But my point is, I love all price ranges in makeup and there is nothing wrong with drugstore!

2. How do I choose what goes in my makeup kit?

All of the makeup in my kit I have tried on myself or family and friends! I personally don't put a makeup item in my kit that I haven't tried out first. My bread and butter are weddings, I personally CANNOT use a makeup item that I don't know and trust on a bride on her biggest day ever... I don't know how that product is going to perform or if it'll last and I couldn't do that to someone on their wedding day. Also, my name is on the line and I intend to do right by everyone! If I haven't tried a makeup item on myself or others before using it on my clients, it doesn't go in my kit! Period!

That being said, I have a certain skin type so if I want to try out a new product I'll try it on myself and then on others that have a different skin type then me. I need to know how that product performs on multiple skin types, so when I'm at a gig I KNOW what skin type I can use this product on and when it's not going to work out. I want to know how that product holds and performs before I trust it in my kit.

Hope you loved this and if you want to know more specific products, keep an eye out for a post!

Much love,

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Your wedding is coming up in a few weeks and you have been stressed out and doing research to get

ready for the BIG DAY! Here are some beauty things that you should or shouldn't do in the weeks before your wedding.

SPRAY TAN- Don't #1

Don't get a spray tan for the first time the week of your wedding day! You could end up with an

orange tan, have a reaction to the tan or it could wear streaky on you.

Avoid this by getting your first tan 2-3 months before you wedding to see how the tan wears on you and how it looks on you. Make sure to do your homework on wear to get your spray tan and find a reputable place. Once you find a spray tan you like and wears well, set up your appointment and get your tan on the week of the wedding!


You may have been doing research and found an amazing new skin care line that swears it'll change your life! Don't change up your skin care routine weeks before your wedding. You don't

know how your skin will react. Usually if you are using deep cleaning products or something along those lines, you'll probably end up breaking out and it'll happen right around your wedding day!

Avoid this by talking to a professional esthetician or dermatologist months to a year in advance of the wedding. If you don't have that kind of time, stick to your routine that you have already and you'll be good to go!


We all want those Kim K eyebrows and a smooth looking face before the big day. Please don't get

anything on your face waxed at least 72 hours before the wedding! Your skin may still be irritated or it could cause a break out especially if this is your first rodeo! Also, makeup doesn't sit right on freshly waxed skin either!

Avoid this by scheduling your waxing appointment 3 days before the big day and if anything happens, it'll be cleared up before the wedding!

DIET- Don't #3

Weeks leading up to the wedding, we all get stressed and want to eat anything we want and have a drink! We just want something yummy and easy to eat after a stressful day, and Taco Bell is right down the street open all night!

Avoid this by having ready made food at the house and healthy snacks that you can dig into leading up to the wedding. Fast food can cause breakouts, bloating and not feeling great. Also, alcohol can dehydrate your skin and not have you looking plump and fresh in the face. So make sure you got your water bottle on hand!


Sleep is essential to health and making your skin look healthy! You want to look well rested on your wedding day and your makeup will look that much more on fleek!

Avoid this by making sure you have a rough schedule down from wake up to time to sleep! Sleep is so important already but you'll be stressed out and worried in the weeks before your wedding and making sure everything gets done. Just make sure you get your rest too!


Almost everyone wants to get their makeup done for their big day and their girl squad too! Want that picture perfect makeup and looking amazing on your big day!

Avoid waiting until the last minute to get your makeup trial done. Make sure you do your research on which makeup artist fits your style and make sure to read their reviews on social media. You don't want to wait until the last minute because if that artist doesn't fit you then you'll have to search for another one, and most makeup artist are booked months in advance. Or if you have a makeup artist in mind, don't sleep on them! Make sure you get them booked in advance!

Much love,

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1. Make sure you have a clean face

The best canvas for your makeup artist to work on is a blank one. Make sure you and your ladies have a nice relaxing spa morning! Don't use any brand new products, just in case you have an allergic reaction, but make sure to exfoliate and moisturize!

2. Have some pictures of the makeup you want

If by chance you weren't able to have a trial done before the big day or you did and want to switch a few things up last minute, make sure you have your pictures! As the bride, we want you to feel comfortable with your makeup look! We don't want to wing it and you end up not loving it!

3. Don't wait for you to be the last one in the chair

Have a loose line up of who is going at what time and we don't want the bride going last ever! If for some reason hair and makeup is running behind, we don't want to have to rush but especially on the bride! We know you want your makeup looking the freshest, but going second to last is best!

4. Make sure you have your touch-up kit

Unfortunately us makeup artists can't stay with you all night to reapply lipstick or touch up powder

after you tear up at the alter. So make sure to get you a touch-up kit from your artist or put one together the night before!

5. Unplug

We know people are going to want to ask you questions, but have your maid of honor take your calls and handle some things. Your experience will be much more stress free and you'll be able to enjoy the morning!

Much love,

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